No trust in landowners

Last week commissioners began hearing submissions on what is the most significant change in Whangarei District Council planning rules in decades. Alarmingly, few people actually realise the new rules are in the pipeline. Hardly a word has been mentioned in the media, and the Council itself did not hold any public meetings to inform the public of the changes. Continue reading

Spelling it out

Plan Change 94B Papakāinga is progressing through the planning process. Last Monday, those who had made written submissions had the opportunity to voice their opposition or support to the hearings panel. I presented a submission on behalf of a community group advocating landowner rights. That panel consisted of three commissioners; … Continue reading

Submission: Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 2)

27 July 2016

Committee Secretariat
Local Government and Environment
Parliament Buildings

Submission: Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 2)

This submission is on behalf of the Landowners Coalition Inc – a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of private property rights.

We are generally supportive of measures that reduce the size of local government and transfer the management of essential services to Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs), which in our view are better able to manage critical infrastructure. We support the creation of CCOs for the delivery of potable water, waste water, roading, and consent processing.

It is our view that the level of competency within local government is such that it is not best able to manage complex organisations or matters requiring expertise. Continue reading

Submission to Papakainga Plan Change (94B)

Form 5 – Submission on a change proposed to the District Plan Plan change 94b Papakāinga Whangarei District Council, Policy and Monitoring Division Private Bag 9023 Whangarei 0148 Attn: Melissa McGrath FULL NAME: Landowners Coalition Inc. POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 984, Whangarei 0140 TELEPHONE: 09 4343 836 EMAIL: … Continue reading