Mediation matters

Last week the Landowners Coalition participated in a mediation involving a District Plan Change initiated by the Whangarei District Council regarding Papakainga developments. While the mediation remains confidential until ratified by the Environment Court, there are some general comments about mediations that are worth sharing. But first, let’s recap on … Continue reading

Spelling it out

Plan Change 94B Papakāinga is progressing through the planning process. Last Monday, those who had made written submissions had the opportunity to voice their opposition or support to the hearings panel. I presented a submission on behalf of a community group advocating landowner rights. That panel consisted of three commissioners; … Continue reading

Silence from DoC and EDS

Silence from DoC and EDS

DoC and Environmental Defense Society (EDS) have remained silent about Plan Change 94b Papakāinga developments. They have not made any submission to the plan change. Why? If passed in its current form, the effects on the environment would be potentially very significant. Is it that DoC and EDS believe developments by Maori … Continue reading

Submission to Papakainga Plan Change (94B)

Form 5 – Submission on a change proposed to the District Plan Plan change 94b Papakāinga Whangarei District Council, Policy and Monitoring Division Private Bag 9023 Whangarei 0148 Attn: Melissa McGrath FULL NAME: Landowners Coalition Inc. POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 984, Whangarei 0140 TELEPHONE: 09 4343 836 EMAIL: … Continue reading