Update on plan changes PC85 A-D, PC86A and B, PC87, PC102, PC114

Hearing for the plan changes will be taking place from 3 July 2017 through until 7 July 2017.

Submitters who said they would like to speak to their submission will be contacted by the WDC to allocate a time.

The plan changes are being heard together by one Hearing Panel made up of two independent commissioners and a Councillor. We will be interested to see who the independent commissioners are and how independent they really are.

We understand a new councillor with no experience in planning matters and an obvious greenie bias is being considered for the commissioner role. We are watching that appointment with interest and will consider our objection options should that appointment go ahead.

Copies of the summary of submissions and other relevant information including the Plan Changes are available on our website www.wdc.govt.nz/planchanges.