Landowners coalition lodges appeal to Papakainga plan change

The Landowners Coalition has lodged an appeal to Plan Change 94B Papakainga with the Environment Court.

In general terms, our concerns relate to the inclusion of industrial and commercial activities as a permitted activity, whether directly related to the communal activity or not, the intensity of permitted residential development, and the protection of significant landscapes. We believe a more appropriate approach is to treat a Papakāinga Development Plan as a non-complying activity requiring notification (full or limited).

It is our view that this:

a. Achieves PKA.1.3 Objectives 1 through to 5 while at the same time respecting the objectives of affected landowners, present and future.

b. Provides adequate control of sensitive landscapes.

c. Will provide for the appropriate development of papakāinga without unnecessary regulation and consequently reduce ongoing compliance costs for the papakāinga.
In essence, we believe a papakāinga development should comply with the underlying Environment provisions and the underlying Environment subdivision provisions of the District Plan.