Mediation matters

Last week the Landowners Coalition participated in a mediation involving a District Plan Change initiated by the Whangarei District Council regarding Papakainga developments. While the mediation remains confidential until ratified by the Environment Court, there are some general comments about mediations that are worth sharing. But first, let’s recap on … Continue reading

No trust in landowners

Last week commissioners began hearing submissions on what is the most significant change in Whangarei District Council planning rules in decades. Alarmingly, few people actually realise the new rules are in the pipeline. Hardly a word has been mentioned in the media, and the Council itself did not hold any public meetings to inform the public of the changes. Continue reading

Then, now, and into the future

Then, now, and into the future

I commented recently that there appeared to be little interest in the local body elections. That changed with the arrival of a team waging a serious challenge to the Whangarei District Council (WDC) with a full slate of candidates and a high profile campaign. Among their policies is a nil … Continue reading