About us

About us

The Landowners Coalition is a non-profit incorporated society dedicated to the protection of property rights. We advocate on behalf of the public on matters of public interest, and on behalf of individuals when the property rights are related to private property.

We are funded entirely by supporter donations. No funding is received from business interests, political parties, or government agencies.

The group was established in 2013 and formalised as an incorporated society in 2014.

The principal office holders are:

Bob Syron founder and chairman. Bob has property interests in Auckland and Northland and spends his time in Auckland and on his forestry block in the Whangarei Heads area. Bob’s recreational interests include flying.

Frank Newman, secretary and administration manager. Frank is a former councillor of the Whangarei District Council and chairman of the Judicial (consents) Committee. He is a qualified accountant and has lectured in investment analysis. He is the author of numerous books on investment matters. His recreational interests include landscape art and creative writing.