“Land Grab” in Northland

Some are describing it as a land grab. Others are saying it’s confiscation by stealth. However it is described, almost half of the land area of the Far North District Council will be affected if the proposed designation of significant natural areas (SNAs) goes ahead.

This is not the first time the council has proposed SNAs. The Landowners Coalition has been down this path a number of times and represented landowners interests. We will do so again. We have expressed an interest in the issue with the FNDC and will make a submission during the formal stages of the process.

Here’s the reality for landowners. The submission and appeal process is such that it is beyond the means of most people – time and time again those with a genuine grievance being burnt off by the process. That’s where the Landownes Coalition Inc can assist. We have a solid support base to assist in meeting the legal costs and we have in house experience in planning matters.

Maori say it should not apply to Maori land – because it will affect the productive use of the land and, of course, because of the obligations councils have under the Treaty of Waitangi and the partnership that they say was created at the time. These groups are well funded, and in some cases receive central government funding that is not available to others.

Please contact us should you like assistance through the submission process and possible representation should the plan change ends up before the Environment Court, as is likely.