Foreshore & Seabed legislation

Notice to supporters

As you will be aware Justice Churchman has delivered his decision in the Edwards case, the first of 202 cases before the High Court seeling customary title to the foreshore and seabed. As you also know, the Landowners Coalition is what’s referred to as an Interested Party in all 202 claims. We have done so on behalf of the public interest and our supporters who do not have the means or ability to undertake these initiatives themselves.

The Churchman decision has granted customary title to a number of applicants for areas that are generally just south of Whakatane. While we believe there are cases where there are valid claims for a customary title, the advice we have is that those areas are likely to be relatively small. At the time the legislation was passed into law the then Attorney General indicated it would be around 4% of the coastline.

The judgment in the Edwards case takes a much more liberal view of the law, and we believe it has not been applied in a manner that was intended by Parliament.

A large number of supporters have raised the prospect of an appeal, and thank you for your moral and financial support to do so. An appeal is currently being considered.

POST NOTE: An appeal has been lodged by the Landowners Coalition.